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Chelsea Wang
Principal Attorney
Oasis Law Group

Chelsea Wang, the founder of Oasis Law Group, provides legal services to immigrants and entrepreneurs with their immigration and business needs. She graduated from University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Science and Art in Biochemistry and Philosophy, and Santa Clara University School of Law.Prior to founding Oasis Law Group, Chelsea Wang served as In-House Counsel for over six years, providing legal counseling in contract drafting & negotiation, commercial agreement and lease drafting, and corporate law counseling. With her extensive experience in counseling business, she has developed a solid understanding of how a business works, and the unique legal challenge facing small to mid-size business owners.Her diverse background in business also gives her the edge to understand immigration issues from both a legal and business perspective. Chelsea Wang is passionate to serve her clients with their immigration issues. Being fluent in Mandarin and English, Chelsea Wang understands the diversity of different cultures, the barriers/challenges immigrants facing and the difficulties of relocating their business and families to the United States. Her passion is to serve entrepreneurs and immigrants with their unique immigration and business needs including investor immigration, employment immigration and temporary work visa, family immigration and business transactional issues.Chelsea Wang is also dedicated to serve the local communities. She has continued to provide pro-bono legal services to clients in business and immigration cases. She believes in giving back to our communities, supporting business entrepreneurs, and helping immigrants to realize their own American dreams.